Maybe Like all of us, you have googled many times on ways to make money online but you always meet a dead end.
These are 10 Online Work from Home Jobs. Sometimes you read a post that tells you of jobs online without telling you where to find those jobs. They don’t usually show us where we can gain the necessary skills we need. Because without those skills we can’t apply.

Trust me we have all been there and each failure has given us a reason to give up.  If we look around we will see people making it online through legal or illegal means and this pushes us to try again.
Making money online is not a mystery. Many people are making millions online every day and this post is about showing yow to join these millionaires.

Before we begin I will like to correct a misconception. A lot of Nigerians think that the only way of making money online is through fraud. One thing about illegal means is that you can not boast about your earnings everywhere (though some boast when they are with friends). The thought that you can make money online only through illegal means have led many astray. I won’t deny the fact that many are making money through this illegal means.  But they face lots of risks. They can be apprehended and is not a steady source of Income.

There are more than 50 ways of making money online legally and people are leveraging this sources.  The legal means is what this write up is all about if you are here for the illegal ways am sorry this post won’t help you.


Blogging is my favorite way of making money online. It is scalable than other sources. Blogging makes you your own boss. Just set up your blog and go to work.

A Blogger: is Someone who writes online content and owns an information website.

A Blog: is an Information website. Blogs are found anytime you go online. When you search for a topic on google, yahoo or Bing the search results you get are from blogs. If you want your ideas to be found by search engines you can have a blog and make money from it.

Before starting a blog you need to choose a niche. A niche is the topic of your website. Choose a niche so that when people need information about a particular topic they come to your Blog.  Your Blog will require you produce high-quality content every week or month and if you know nothing about that niche how will you produce content for your Blog, even if you outsource to content writers you still need to know one or two things about your niche.

Bloggers make money from advertisement, product sale, sponsored post, donations etc.
Design your blog, write a post that drives traffic, advertise your blog, place adverts on your blog, sale advert space, sale other peoples product and earn commission, sale your own products like E-books, people can pay you to have their content on your blog, you can ask for donations. Detailed 25 ways to make money from WordPress CMS.

Before starting a Blog you have to know about this eight things.

  • Building a website with WordPress no code required.
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Setting Up Social Media Channel for you Blog
  • Monetization

2.Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of my best means of making money online. You need to be good at writing and researching. you have to be good at writing contents for the web. Online text is different from literary text. You need another set of writing skills.

Some of the Skills you need are

  • creating an attracting headline,
  • copywriting skills

Before you venture into this field you need to educate yourself on researching special topics and crafting great copies.
content writers earn up to $50 dollars pay copy new content writers can earn up to $5 depending.

You need to come-up with content that a reader can easily understand. To be a good freelance writer you have to, first of all, develop your skill.  Study websites that teach content writing, watch YouTube videos.

Pay as low as $20 to get the talent you desire. After acquiring the needed skill you can easily market your skills online. Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, 1Kjobs,, findworka, asuqua or even teach on udemy and make money.

Bloggers and Big firms are outsourcing their content writing tasks to content writers who have proved themselves.
Don’t be discouraged start somewhere and grow over-time. This post was written by a content writer. Indians and Pakistan have taken this opportunity with both hands. Almost every work you post on fiverr or freelancer you will see an Indian as an expert and thy charge very low.

3. YouTube vlogging.

Vlogging also known as video blogging is the act of producing video and making it available online through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blog or any other video.

Choosing a niche(topic) to crate videos on is among the daunting tasks. Do an internal assessment to know what you are good at, so that you don’t run out of ideas.
If you are a traveler, real estate agent, make-up artist, barber you can vlog on these topics. Do you like watching movies phones, laptops you can review them. You can create how-to videos on your field or profession.
Being a Vlogger you have to first produce your videos and grow an audience of followers before you can start making money.

Being successful in video blogging takes time and so is every online income source. You have to first learn how to produce high-quality contents and videos. Starting up? you can use your phone camera or laptop to record your videos and then save up money for a video recorder, tripod and other video production equipment’s. If you don’t want to go to a video editor to produce your video you can use your gadget video editing software.  learn video editing online or enroll in a graphic designing school.
The Biggest Platform people use to vlog is YouTube. On YouTube, you can monetize your videos.

Note: You can earn money on YouTube if ads are served on your contents (YouTube Partner Program)

Ways you can make Money Vlogging.

  • Get Ads on content.
  • Grow your subscribers, businesses can pay you to Review their Products.
  • Use it to promote your offline or online business.
  • If your Video goes Viral media outlets can pay you for a license to use your video.
  • You can make money on YouTube by selling other peoples product through your Channel.

You can research the income possibilities of a YouTube vlogger.

4.Graphic Design.

Graphic designing is the act of designing graphics like a logo, pictures, Magazines, White board animation, E-book cover, complimentary card, Movie Posters.
we see works of designers around us everyday.

Thy are designers who work with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Canva and other designing computer software’s. This designers work for big businesses and are called professionals.
Then they are medium and small designers who work at small computer shops or local printing press.
To become a professional you have to start small and grow. Designers are in demand everyday from the local photographer that use Photoshop 7.0 to your established designer that design movie posters for Nollywood.

If you want to make money from designing you have have to first of all develop your skill, learn from a computer school or learn from a professional online.

Then you can market your skills on, freelancer, Upwork, Asuqu. With capital you can open an office contact big brands offer Design free or at a reduced rate to show how good you are.

5. SEO Consultant.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant.

The birth of Blogging and Search Engines is bringing many jobs that are non-existent before and SEO is one of them.
Everybody that have an online presence is working to be found online and that can only be done by optimizing for search engines. SEO consultants know how search engines work, how thy index websites, they can tell you what to do for your post to rank one to five when a particular key word is searched, they can tell you what you are doing wrong. This skill can only be learnt by extensive study and being current because search engines change their systems every time.

To be an SEO consultant you have to know the following

  • Keyword Research
  • Local SEO
  • Video SEO
  • How to Craft a Compelling Headline
  • Copywriting
  • How to connect your website to search Console
  • Analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Display Advertising…..this are only a few

SEO is a broad field and is always changing you can learn free on YouTube or learn from a professional online.


6.Social Media Specialist

Yes is the social media you know Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat.
Every business have their official social media account were they interact with customers. Banks, Radio Stations, Television stations have their official social media page and is managed by somebody though some of them are not from home.

To mange social media account you have to know how to optimize social media accounts for search.  Know how and when to run an ad campaign for optimum engagement. Know how to setup a social media account.
Social media accounts need contents and providing those contents falls in you job specification.
Do you know that people are more online from 6am to 8am in the morning and 6:30pm to 9Pm in the evening as a social media specialist you have to know.

7.Website and App Development.

You don’t need me to tell you that before you venture into web and app design you need to be a professional.

Website and software developers are sort after and if you are good and have a portfolio of jobs to back up your expertise you will never go hungry.

This field requires years of study before you can develop good websites and software. Once a client sees that you are good he will keep recommending you .
Many offline business are trying to go online and that is a great opportunity for Nigerians who want to go into web and app development. If you don’t have the talent yet pay to gain the necessary skill. You can also use WordPress which require no coding.


8. Dropshipping

This form of online business is in vogue in many countries of the world. Nigerians have not yet leveraged this source of income. Drop-shipping can be done on a full-time or part-time bases. Teenagers and Adult are making millions from dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a form of online business, were you own a web-store without having an inventory(you don’t hold physical stock). If a customer buys from your web-store, you send the address of the customer with the product the customer paid for to your wholesaler, the wholesaler then ships the product to your customer. The profit you make is the difference between the price of the wholesaler and the price you tell your customers.

Your job as the owner of a Dropshipping website is processing orders and Setting up you website with images of products you wish to sale, this images can be uploaded from your wholesalers website, this can be done with with Alidropship or Oberlo.

Students, Housewives, the employed and Unemployed can leverage this source of income, you can work from anywhere in the world, you can start it as a part time job and grow.

In Dropshipping you can sale anything you wish. Research your suppliers. Don’t get disappointed you can learn about dropshipping from Alidropship or Oberlo.

The only task in dropshipping is setting-up a web-store. You can setup a web-store in 5 to 10 hours by following this easy guidelines or you can order a custom made web-store from Alidropship.

Things you need to know if you want to be a successful Dropshipper.

  • What is dropshipping
  • Choosing a niche
  • Setting up a Dropship website
  • Marketing your Dropship website


9. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing business model.

In affiliate marketing, you get a percentage of the sales you generate. Register as an affiliate in any merchant platform that supports affiliates, they give you an affiliate link which they use to track your sales.  Place the link on your blog or social media account. Affiliates Networks provide banner and means which you can place their ads on your platform.

When you convince a customer and he makes a purchase through that affiliate link given to you by the merchant you get a commission (percentage of the sales you generate)

In Nigeria, we have jumia affiliates, Konga affiliates, DomainKing affiliates this are but a few. They are also foreign Networks that supports Nigerians.


10. Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistant also know as VR.

They work remotely, their jobs ranges from helping customers, answering mail, answering a call and other works of a normal office assistant. The difference between VR and Normal office assistance is that VR work remotely. Thy are not among the normal staffs . They are contracted when the office feels thy need to outsource some of its administrative work. They usually work for small businesses who don’t have the fund to maintain a steady workforce.


In Conclusion

Note: Nigeria is a Gold mine for online business at the moment. They are many infant Blogs, Websites, Web-stores.
They are many online Business Model which are already established in other countries which are still lacking in Nigeria or those who have established here still lack in one way or the other. Locate this Business models and invest fully in it. The time it takes to develop your skills and the time it takes to build a following is the reason why this is not a get rich quick means.

An Average Nigeria spend more that ₦1000 on data. The data is mainly being used on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube or other social entertainment platform.
That data can be used to learn a skill on YouTube. Type what you wish to learn and search thousands of How-to videos on that topic will pop-up. Then choose the best among them and learn.
If you want to go the extra mile or maybe want to become a professional you can learn on udemy or skillshare for less than $19 per video.

“Make a sacrifice today that your future self will be proud of” -anonymous
“You kids will be eating or starving next 5 to 10 years from the decisions you make today” -anonymous