How to check admission status on jamb website, is easy and free.

Jamb has started offering admission and you can now check your admission Status  on Jamb Site.

To Check your Jamb Admission Status

  1. Visit The Jamb e-facilities website.
  2. Enter  your email address and password used when registering for jamb.
  3. After you have logged on successfully.
  4. Click on the CAPS option.
  5. Alternatively you can click on DE/UTME admission status on your profile.
  6. Sometimes the web page shows only welcome for visitors using mobile phone.
  7. If this happen go to your browser option and change your browser view to desktop view.
  8. Click on Admission Status.
  9. You can Accept or Reject your admission from here.

Alternative You can Check you Admission on the main Jamb Site Visit the main Jamb Site.

  1. Locate the check admission status and click on it.
  2. Your browser will send to the e-facilities page
  3. Enter your email and password used when registering for jamb.
  4. After you have Successful logged in.
  5. Your Candidate dashboard will appear at this stage.
  6. Scroll down to check admission status
  7. Click on check Admission Status
  8. Your admission status will show at this point. For Old students who want to know if they are in they are in the jamb portal you will be required to fill in your examination year and jamb registration number.
  9. If you have been admitted go on and print your admission letter.
  10. If the site says that you have not been offered admission yet. check back later. Jamb admission is offered on batch bases. Maybe your name is not in the batch offered admission. Check back after a few days.

Don not wait on jamb. Always Check the portal of the institution you applied for they may have already offered you admission.

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