1. Import from abroad online and sale in Nigeria.

E-commerce platforms like Aliexpress, Amazon,eBay, Chinabrand have created another business opportunity for Nigerians.  Nigerians who are importing from these E-commerce platforms are importing for their personal use.  Now you can import and sell on 9jastudyads.ng and make some profit.

These E-commerce platforms have made everybody an importer.  You can import absolutely anything from these platforms when I say anything I mean anything from phones, tablets, laptops, watches, clothes, jewelry, shoes, make-up products, Generator, machinery, office equipment etc. Oasdom.com have a complete E-book on importation business with aliexpress. 9jastudyads.ng is a platform were you can sell those products when it arrives.

Why we suggest the products sold on these online stores is because their products are extremely cheap you won’t even believe some of the prices. Oasdom.com will tell you how you can find this cheap products.

When you order for a product, the product gets delivered in your doorstep.

Things to Note When Using E-commerce Platforms

Registration: During registration, fill your address correctly especially your postal address. If you don’t know your postal address google it. You may be asking if these postal addresses still work yes they still exist. Sometimes when your order arrives in the postal address you filled they will call you to come to pick up your order.

Shipping: All sellers in these platforms offer free shipping. Free shipping means you will not pay for shipping you only pay for the product you are purchasing. The only downside of free shipping is that your order takes like two to three weeks to arrive in Nigeria.

There is another type of shipping, Paid to ship. In paid shipping after you have paid for the product you still pay for the shipping fee which ranges from $3 to $60  depending on the weight and quantity of products, you are buying. When you pay for shipping your order arrives faster.

When I mistakenly broke the screen of my laptop it was hard to find the replacement I ordered the replacement from aliexpress. Am not trying to sell to you am telling you from experience.

How to Sell after Importation: After making a purchase from any of these E-commerce platforms wait for your order. When your the product you ordered arrives. Create a free account on 9jastudyads.ng. Add your profit to the product. Take pictures of the product. post the product and start earning.

We have E-commerce websites in Nigeria Jumia, Konga, Bestbuy, Dealdey you can also buy from this website when you buy from these websites your order arrives faster.

If you are too afraid of making payments online start small. Invest a small amount.

Tricks and Tips of Online Commerce

  • Buy from sellers that have up to four-star review.
  • These E-commerce stores have a feature which allows you to chat with the seller. It is good to chat with your seller so you can make sure that what you are paying for is what you want.
  • There is a feature where u can see how many times a product has been purchased.
  • You may have heard of black Friday sells Super deals. In this days these E-commerce websites give discounts. Some give up to 60% discount. If you buy during these promo days you can get a product of 10,000 for 4,000. If you order it from Nigeria you can sale for 8,000 on 9jastudyads.ng and still, make a profit. You just have to wait for this super deals or discount days. Whenever you see them you buy, sell and wait again.

Jumia J-Force

Jumia J-force is a program designed by jumia to recruit sellers. These sellers are called sales consultant. Jumia sales consultants are trained, you get to be invited to jumia events, Breakfast and workshop.

As a Sales Consultant Jumia pays you a commission on every sale you make for them. You can gather a team that will help you make more sales. That is not the peak of the the program. The peak of the program is as you make more sales you grow in jumia internal structure from bronze to silver to gold….. .

Jumia pays you on every new consultant you bring to the program.

Why We are telling you about this program by Jumia. As a sales consultant, you can post Jumia products on 9jastudyads.ng. Research best selling products download the images and upload it to 9jastudyads and write a description. When a customer contacts you and he is willing to pay you. Buy from Jumia and deliver to your customer earn your commission everybody wins. If the customer rejects the product during delivery Jumia gives you a 7-days return period.

2. Buy and Sell Students/Corpers Used Items for Profit.

As a student, you can make money from buying used items and reselling for profit.

If you are a student or if you have passed through our school system you will believe me when i tell you that Students/Corpers who are graduating or passing-out are always looking for ways to sell there bulky properties like foam, Table, Chair, Gas Cylinder, Television Set, Home Theater the list goes on and on. These graduating students/Corpers are desperate to sell because they have no time or means to transport these items.

If you have the Capital you can buy these items for a ridiculous price and resell to new students. 9jastudyads.ng provides a platform were you can post these items after acquiring it. Find buyers faster.

After Buying these items from graduating Students/Corpers add your profit and post the item on 9jastudyads. After submitting your ads wait you will start receiving calls from students who want to buy the items from you.

3. Make Commission from Other students Items.

If you do not have money to buy these products and resell you can still earn commission from other Students/Corpers  property.

How: Let say a student wants to sale his television set for ₦8000. Take the picture of that television post it on 9jastudyads.ng and offer it for ₦10000. When a prospective buyer calls you, go to your friend, take the television show it to your buyer if he pays you. Give your friend ₦8,000 and keep ₦2000 for your troubles.

4. Sell New Items.

If you have a business that sell new items and this your business is located in a Student/Corpers environment.

If you are a Student/Corper and you have access to new items that Students/Corpers need.  Boost sales by posting your products on 9jastudyads.ng. Post your ads so when students are searching  for products that you sale your products can come up in search results and then they can call you.

If you are a student, you have access to new items e.g you sale new items or work in a place that sales new items you can easily take pictures of those items. Upload it on 9jastudyads so when someone searches for them they will call you

5. If you are a Student/Corper you can earn as an Agent.

You can earn by helping new Student/Corpers or old Students/Corpers find Hostels and Lodge. New Students/Corpers are a novice and they are looking for somebody who can help them find an apartment.

What you need to do is. Look for hostels/lodges that are empty and post on 9jastudyads. If you are an old Student or Corper you know students or corpers who are about graduating/pass-out or students who want to pack-out from their present accommodation. Take pictures of these accommodations and information about them and submit on 9jastudyads.ng. Remember to add your agent fee. When a Client contacts you take him/her to the apartment. As he/her is paying for the apartment you are getting paid too.

6. Sell your Skills and Talents.

Are you a Student with extra skills like MC, DJ, Dancing, Painting, IT skills etc advertise your skills on 9jastudyads.

Other things you can do at 9jastudyads

  • Are you a Student graduating or a Corper passing-out sell your used items to new Students/Corpers by submitting you ads on 9jastudyads.
  • Do you have a business located in a Students/Corpers environment?.  boost your sales when you post you goods and services on 9jastudyads.
  • Do you offer a service to Student/Corpers let them find you faster by listing your services on 9jastudyads
  • Are you hosting an Event( Church event, graduation party, Award Night, Welcome Party, Passing-Out Party ) in a Student/Corpers Eenvironment( Campus, University, Polytechnic, College of Edu., PPA, Local Government of service etc) Submit your event and boost turnout rate.
  • If you don’t know the actual price of a good you can sale your product faster by hosting an Auction. Post you Content as an auction sell.
  • Giveaway items using our gift section Students/Corpers love giveaways.
  • Exchange allows you to exchange goods for goods. Get a big phone by exchanging your small phone plus little cash.