1. Call Up letter:  Please do not laminate it or it will be rejected in camp. You can pay three thousand to print your call-up letter online. You can also collect from the school you graduated from free of charge. Re-print your call-up letter anytime you want. You can also re-print any document from cyber-cafes in camp.

2. Registration Document:  This is for Foreign Students that registered online. Foreign students should endeavor to bring all document uploaded online for verification.

3. Students ID Card: Come along with your school ID card. Your ID card will be requested during registration in camp. failure to bring it will require you travelling back.

4. Green Card: The green card is that first print-out given to you after registration. It contains your bio-Data  and information  filled into the NYSC website.

5. Statement of Results: Make sure you collect your certificate or statement of result from the institution you attended. When coming to camp bring your statement of result it will be needed in the registration point.

6. Passport Photographs: In every registration point you will need two to four passport photos. Having enough can save money and time for you. At least 30 with red background is OK.

7. Certificates and Licence: This is for Dentist, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientist and other profession that need a professional body registration.  Bring along your registration documents showing that you belong to your respective professional bodies.

8. Photocopies of all your Document: Make sure you photocopy all your document at least 10. You will need this photocopies at every registration point in camp. Failure to photocopy your documents means that you have to photocopy it in camp at an exorbitant price. Photocopy it while coming to save cost.

Bonus: Plastic Envelop or Rubber Envelop is very essentials. Sometimes you have to carry your document under the rain or carry it about because of long queue during registration. Rubber envelops are durable. They last longer.

Bonus: If you don’t want to end up like me begging almost everything. Come along with pen, Jotter, Gum, Stapler. Bring along writing materials. I always wait for other people to finish so i can borrow there writing materials. Don’t mind me you can always buy from camp market but the prices are higher. Make Sure You budget extra money to buy anything you forgot to bring. You will not be allowed to leave camp till the end of the 20 or 21 days.  You can bring along your ATM. Though some camp dose not have ATM Machine but you may see vendors who use POS to dispense cash. They charge 50 for every 1000 you withdraw.

These under listed items are sold in the camp market:

Taking all of them to camp can be overwhelming and stressful. To reduce your luggage buy from camp market. Items like pillow and buckets can be purchased in camp and you will probably leave it in camp when camping is over.

Note: Goods and services are very expensive in camp and they know you don’t have an option so they don’t compromise on price.

Power-bank or Extra Batteries: You have to pay 50 every time you wish to recharge your phone battery or Power-bank. Coming to camp with a good power bank will save you money and unnecessary stress.

Treated Mosquito Net: If you do not wish to fall sick or stay awake cause of mosquito. Bring a treated mosquito net. You can also use Mosquito Net to secure your items by tucking it under your bed so that anybody who wishes to search your bag will first of all raise the net.

Beverages: Milk, Milo, sugar even Garri can serve as a life saver when you run out of cash. Having it will save a lot of money for you trust me.

Torchlight: To move around in the night. When you feel like using the toilet in the night or preparing for the day early in the morning you will need a good torch light. remember they are no sockets inside the rooms so you have to charge your torch in the camp market another daily expenses.

Pillow,Bed sheet and Pillow Case: You will be given foam on the day of your arrival in camp. Come along with your own bed sheets. If you like sleeping on pillows come with your own pillow you can always buy pillow in the camp market.

Food Flasks: Food flask is for taking food from the kitchen to your hostels. After serving food  many corpers find it difficult to eat in areas were food are served so they prefer taking it to the Hostels. Bringing a food flasks is OK and good.

Waist Pouch or any other body bag you can carry about with ease: Preferable waist pouch. This is the Zenith of security in camp. This bag holds your phone, power-bank, ATM card, Money, ID card and other valuables. Some camps don’t allow corpers to wear shorts that have pocket so you have to put all your items inside this pouch.

Basic Drugs: Panadol, Paracetamol, Stomach ache drugs, anti-biotics etc: Some individuals react to new food and new environment. Many Corpers suffer from stomach ache/running stomach. Having these basic drugs can put your worries to bed.

Other Items you will need are:

  • Bucket
  • Disinfectant
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Pair of Slippers
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Sunglasses
  • Water cans
  • Cups,
  • Spoon and Plate

After your registration in camp you will be given:

  • 2 White Shorts.
  • 1 white Sneakers you can call it tennis shoe/
  • 2 white Socks.
  • 1 White Nysc crested vest.
  • 2 Round Neck white T-shits.
  • Jungle boot.
  • khaki Trousers.
  • 1 Belt.

The T-shits, shorts and Socks given to you by camp officials can never be enough. The cloths allowed in some camp are white T-shirts and Shorts. So coming with extra five or even eight is OK. I have a friend who came with 21 one pay day.

In camp they are people who offer laundry services. They charge 50 pay cloth. 100 for Khaki and 50 for Ironing.

The plain white tennis shoe that will be given to you are sometimes NYSC customized. During my stay in camp the shoes we were given are of very low quality. They can start tearing after the first wash. Coming to camp with your own tennis shoe will make you look neat and unique. If you are camping during the raining season or even dry season bring a rubber tennis shoe. Rubber tennis shoes are easier to wash and they dry faster.

To enjoy Camp Life you need to put extra money in your pockets while coming to camp. 20,000 and above if you ask me. Some Corpers find food served in to be tasteless and sub standard. The only alternative is buying food from camp market. Guys like drinking and girls like eating so to having a memorable camping life is same as having enough money to spend. Enjoy your Camping Life.!!!!

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