Many Students see their time on campus as a time to enjoy, party, celebrate and read. Is more than that. Am not against enjoying life i want to tell you know that your time on campus should be a period were you prepare for a life without your parents allowance or Pocket money.

If you are a Nigerian you should know that during the last FRSC employment exercise over Three hundred thousand applicants were hustling for less than 5000 positions. They are jobs and they are no jobs all depend on you, your mindset and your preparation when you are still in school. If you graduate without preparing for this society we live in you are in for a rough ride.

If you want to be prepared for life after school continue reading.

That you are an A student or you teach other students or other students are struggling sit beside you during exams doesn’t guarantee you anything in life. To survive in the society we live in you need to be street wise, smart and specially prepared for the bumpy road ahead.

1. Network With other Students and Attend Events.

Why i choose this as my first point is this. To survive in life you need exposure and friends who push you to be better than you are yesterday. If you are in any group and you see your self as the smartest in that group is time to change your group of friends.

let me tell you the importance of exposure. A fifteen years old kid who is more exposed than a twenty five years old  adult will perform better and survive better than the 25 years old  adult when left to fend for themselves.

Let me use myself as an example. When i was in school i usually shy away from school extra-curricular activities. In football you will not see me, in SUG politics you will not see me, even in parties. I prefer staying alone with little or no friend. without knowing that my actions was affecting my social skills and courage. I did not say you should involve yourself in every event happening in school, involve if you can. If your faith restrict you from involving yourself don’t. Being committed in your place of worship is good. Being in choir, usher, preaching, evangelism is good.

Believe me, you are picking up skills that will help you in future. Being  a bookworm is the recipe for failure. Why do big companies organize events like breakfast, meet-up, team bonding. They use this avenue to train there workers. The workers are observed and trained. The employers take note of their social skills, level of confidence and behavior They use this data during promotions. The friends you keep while in school will expose you to new ideas. Even after school they can still help you  gain employment. Ideas put into actin run the world.

2.Why having a Skill is important.

The society we live in dose not promise us anything. Job security is gone a thing of the past. Globalization, downsizing, ponzi-scheme, recession, privatization, lay-off are normal things to world Governments and company executives. This is the best time to have your own skill and build your own business.

I see many graduates who work in places that pay less than 15000 a month. This is the time to prepare for life after school. Am not saying that some of you will not get high paying jobs after school 20% to 30% of you will get and the ratio is very low.

The only solution is to learn a skill when you are still in school. They are many jobs students see as dirty but people who do them make close to ₦300,000 a month e.g of those jobs are

  • Car Mechanic
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Event Management
  • Production and Selling things like cakes,Doe Nut,Pop Corn etc
  • Tilling
  • House painting

Trust me they make more money than many graduate.

These are some of in demand Skills you can learn today ICT skills like

  • Web Development,
  • Application Development,
  • Graphic Designing,
  • Video editing,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Programming,
  • Copy-writing etc

Other skills you can learn are

  • CCTV Installation
  • Security gadget Installation and Monitoring

All these are not just jobs for today they are jobs for the future.

GTB Bank Corvus Magazine 4th edition predicts that 60% of jobs in existence today will be little or no longer in existence in the next 20 years. Meaning that some courses we are reading in school today will be fazed out by technology. learn a skill that will keep you relevant.

Other skills you can look into are

  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Fish farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Inverter and solar Panel Installation
  • Paint Making
  • Computer and all Electronic gadgets repair and maintenance
  • Barbing and Hair Making
  • Event Planing
  • Cake,Meat Pie, Sharwama, Doe Nut Making
  • Ice Cream and Pop corn making

You may see this skills as nothing now, or because you are a graduate you can’t learn any of them. trust me some of you will do lesser jobs and earn lesser than ₦10,000 a month.

3.Learn how to answer Interview Questions.

Companies Know that there best assets are there staffs so they make prospective employees pass through rigorous interviews and test to ascertain how knowledgeable they are and how they will react in various situation.

Learning how to answer interview question through reading and practicing with friends is very essential.  Add Interview question and how to act during interview into your reading calendar. Knowing everything about your course of study without knowing how to answer interview question is a recipe for failure.

The question asked by interviewers are technical and sometimes you get questions out of the box. To be prepared study websites like or search on google on how to answer interview question.

4.Learn how to write CV and Resume

Is a hard truth but some student graduate without knowing how to write CV/Resume and Cover Letter/Application Letter. When they want to apply for jobs they browse online and copy resume template and cover letter template and fill in their name and other data required. This action may bring you into the interview hall but you won’t pass that level. Reason being that interviewers now know this and they can ask you to write in front of them. Ask yourself in a situation were there is no google and yahoo search can you perform. Start learning these skills now so you won’t come off like somebody who graduated by sorting.

5.Learn how to use Job website

Websites like and now help companies to get qualified candidates. They also post available jobs and how to apply. Is essential to know how you can leverage these job websites. Some of these websites have features were you can submit your CV and email so you can be notified when there is a job that fits your area of specialization. Some of them even send your CV to employers. visit and know how they can help you get employed after school.

6.Learn how to Setup your Social media Account for employers.

If you are not a model, a celebrity and you are setting up your Facebook account as itz. You are a girl posting semi-nude pictures to get more like. You should forget about being employed and plan to be self employed so that you can be free to post and do what ever you like on your social media account.

If you plan to seek for employment after graduation you should set up your social media account in such a way that when prospective employer search for you on social media they will have no negative opinion about you. Companies are now checking social media accounts of there prospective employees. From your social media account they can know you views,you character, your values. When they check your account and they are seeing semi nude pictures or they can’t find you online because your name is Paul Ene and you are answering Itz Ceaser Williams on Facebook. They will trash your CV and employ those with a more credible social media account.


Reading Blogs and Website has helped me a lot. Trust me reading for self-development is the best thing you can do for your self. We live in changing time and the best way to keep track of these changes is by reading blogs. Through reading blogs you will be able to know when companies are recruiting and other economic opportunities near you.

They are thousands of free How-to videos online and paid How-to videos online. What this mean is you can learn any skill you wish to learn from the comfort of your home with any internet enabled device. If you want to learn graphic designing,web design, cake making ,make-up. Any time you wish to learn anything for free go to YouTube and type How-to do that thing and start learning or you can go on pay as low as ₦8,000 and learn from a professional.

”The best days of your life are the days you believe that you are were you are in life because of you. You don’t go about blaming your parents, president, country, sibling, economy for the way your life turned out. You believe you create your own Luck”.